Commodity Roadmap

Commodity Roadmap


By year 2020, the demand for natural rubber (NR) is expected to increase to 16.4 M metric tons (around 30%) from the current demand of 11.3 MMT.

Production of NR is estimated at 14.3 MMT, leaving a short fall of 2.1 MMT.


Local demand based on Master Plan for Forestry Development (2003).

In 2010- 3.73 M cu.m.
In 2021- 5.0 M cu.m.
Wood and Paper Products (USD 900M)

Need 750,000 hectares to be sustainable

Higher consumption of wood as construction material instead of steel & concrete in the next decades in the light of climate change. (Source:Philippines Forestry Outlook Study, 2009)


From 2011-2020, the DENR planted 101,371 hectares of land with more than 21 million bamboo seedlings through ENGP.

For CY 2021, the DENR targets to plant 5.3 million bamboo planting materials on 26,147 hectares of forestlands.

On top of this, 141,802 bamboo planting materials were planted within 433 hectares of land under the Build Back Better (BBB) Program in support of post disaster rehabilitation and recovery efforts of typhoon-hit areas.

Fruit Bearing

Assorted fruit trees considered to produce lucrative returns for the farmers as well as the industry are being recommended


Coffee ranks as 2nd most consumed beverage in the world.
Local demand per Department of Agriculture for coffee beans is pegged at 64,000 metric tons, valued at PHP 2.5 billion.


Local demand for cacao exceeds production.
In 2005, local consumption reached 50,000 metric tons.


Among the major requirements of the country that has been overlooked in most area developed plans is wood energy.
9 million households or 46% of the 20.2 million households in the philippines uses fuelwood (NSO 2012)

Households and large-scale industries (i.e., Tobacco flue curing, bakeries, potteries, brick making and sugar production amounts to 35.46 million cu.m/year with an estimate value of 11.34 billion pesos

35.46 million cu. m of fuelwood

=15 M. Tons oil equivalent to $5.2s5 billion
=210 billion pesos
=50% of our oil imports in 2012