NGP Logo

About our Logo

The six small leaves represents the initial six-year implementation of NGP from 2011-2016. The five (5) leaves of the tree represent the five (5) objectives of the National Greening Program: poverty reduction, food security, biodiversity conservation, and climate change mitigation and adaptation, and environmental stability.

The outer circle represents the major players in the implementation of the Program – the DENR and the FMB, the DENR Regional and Field Offices, and our partners such as the People’s Organizations (POs), academe, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), etc. The Circle also represents sustainable cycle in the environment, economy, and society.

The hands represents active engagement of the Department to different stakeholders in working with the primary goals of the program.

The tree represents the primary goal of the National Greening Program which is to rehabilitate denuded forest lands in the country.